Why Sponsor?

Key Business Connections "Everywhere"

The GOV HR Summit is a by invitation, high level strategic business platform which caters to VIP level HR professionals. As a sponsor for the event, you will have access to varied networking opportunities to take advantage of the boutique, lounge style exhibition set up for seamless networking.

The Main differentiator

The GOV HR Summit puts you directly in contact with the hard to reach, prequalified, 350+ authorities on HR from the government, public sector and state owned private sector entities from the GCC.

We give you a lead, you make it a deal!

The Summit will present an ideal opportunity to start new relationships or develop existing ones with public sector HR executives and business leaders, all under one roof.

Dominant focus on business interactions

At the GOV HR Summit you will have face to face dialogues and an opportunity to educate the HR fraternity on your HR offerings, discuss business opportunities and build lasting connections.

Limited competition

Unlike large scale exhibitions that include scores of HR service providers, the GOV HR Summit limits the competition by offering an average of 5 positions within each HR related service, ensuring you get the recognition that you deserve.

It's much more than an Exhibition

As the GOV HR Summit caters to VIP level HR professionals, as a partner for the event, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the boutique, lounge style exhibition set up.